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3D printing (3DP) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also called as additive manufacturing. It is a digital model file based, using powder metal or plastic and other adhesive materials, through layer-by-layer printing to construct. With the continuous development of industrial modernization, traditional manufacturing processes have been unable to meet the processing of modern industrial components, especially some special-shaped structures, which are difficult to produce or impossible to produce by traditional processes. 3D printing technology make everything possible.

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● Very fast delivery,2-3 days possible ● Much more cheaper than traditional process. ● 3D Printing technology break through the traditional manufacturing technology. Everything is possible to be printed. ● Overall printing, no assembly, save time and labors. ● Product diversification does not increase costs. ● Reduced reliance on artificial skills. ● Material infinite combination. ● There is no waste of tail material.1. FDM: Melt deposition molding, the main material is ABS 2. SLA: Light curing rotten molding, the main material is photosensitive resin 3. DLP: Digital light processing molding, the main material is photosensitive resin The forming principle of SLA and DLP technology is the same. SLA technology adopts laser polarization scanning irradiation point curing, and DLP adopts digital projection technology for layered curing. The accuracy and printing speed of DLP are better than SLA classification.FDM and SLA are the most used in HY Metals. And the most commonly used materials are ABS and photosensitive resin. 3D printing is much cheaper and faster than CNC machining or vaccum casting when the QTY is low like 1-10 sets, especially for complex structures. However, it is limited by the printed material. We can only printed some plastic parts and very limit metal parts so for. And also, the surface of the printed parts are not as smooth as machining parts.

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