Customized CNC machined aluminum parts with sandblasting and black anodizing

Products Details

Part Name CNC Machined Aluminum Top cap and Bottom base
Standard or Customized Customized
Size φ180*20mm
Tolerance +/- 0.01mm
Material AL6061-T6
Surface Finishes Sandblast and black anodized
Application Auto parts
Process CNC turning, CNC milling, drilling
Introducing our CNC machined aluminum parts - two disc shaped parts, 180mm diameter, 20mm thick, with top cap and bottom base. These precision parts are perfectly machined to fit perfectly, providing a superior finish suitable for automotive parts.  Constructed from high-quality aluminum 6061, each surface is fine sandblasted and black anodized to make the surface beautiful and high quality. Each product is custom made to a customer supplied design drawings, ensuring that each product exceeds precision and tolerance requirements. Since such parts require tight tolerances to fit well, the part was CNC milled with high precision. This process involves using a CNC machine to remove material in small increments, resulting in incredibly precise and consistent parts. Customer-supplied design drawings enable customization of the part, allowing exact specifications to be programmed into the CNC machine. Custom CNC machined aluminum parts are the ideal solution for anyone requiring a specific shape, size or design.  CNC milling technology allows precision machining resulting in highly accurate and consistent parts. Customization is achieved by programming the CNC machine to the desired specifications, allowing for endless design possibilities. Whether for the automotive industry, aerospace or any other application, CNC machining is an excellent way to create custom parts. Sandblasting and anodizing are both very effective when it comes to finishing options for CNC machined aluminum parts. Sandblasting is a process that uses small beads to remove surface impurities and create an even surface finish. The process leaves a matte finish, perfect for those looking for a more industrial look. Black anodizing, on the other hand, involves applying a layer of oxide to the surface of the part. Not only does this process provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish, but it also increases the durability and corrosion resistance of the part.  Our team at HY Metals prides itself on producing exceptional parts every time. With three CNC machining factories and more than 150 CNC milling and turning machines, we are able to meet individual needs and provide customized products for every customer. In addition, we have more than 100 professional programmers and operators to ensure that each product is well-designed.  Our expertise and unwavering focus on quality enable us to deliver each project accurately, on time and beyond client expectations. We guarantee that each component is built to the highest standard to stand the test of time and perform in a variety of applications.  Whatever your machining needs are; whether complex or simple, HY Metals has the know-how and latest CNC machining technology needed to meet your needs. Call us today to discuss your project or send us your design drawings and we will provide you with a quote for the highest precision CNC machined aluminum parts in the industry.

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